Look Ma, No Laddershakers

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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    I remember when I could run a script each morning which logged itself on to each database looking for problems. When it found one I sent a fix script before the problem was reported. I did this as I was fed up getting urgent problems reported via the incident management system at 4pm (problems that had occured hours earlier) keeping me at work late when I wanted to play cricket or go to the pub. I also remember being able to call the customer directly. There are problems with that, but you could build up a rapport with people and get problems fixed quickly. Much lost over the years.

  2. Robin Spicer says:

    We certainly fought the good fight! You’ll have to email me the name privately.

  3. Steven Eglon says:

    If you think back ladder shakers did exist, we just didn’t let them get involved, partially because people could see the results we got and partially because they were scared of us! I remember one meeting where some “expert manager” from the USA was being put over us and he held a meeting with us to explain how things were going to work.. end result was me losing it to the extent I told him I was leaving if he went his way and walked out… not exactly professional but demonstrating the passion we all felt about how things should be done. Can’t remember what happened to him but I don’t remember him darkening our doors again!

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